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10 Tips to Avoid a C-Section – Plus Some


10 Tips to Avoid a C-Section – Plus Some

Not only is it safer to have a vaginal birth (if you can) but it’s also what I find that it’s what many women want! I give you my 10 tips (plus some bonuses) of how to avoid a cesarean birth. These are taken directly from the ACOG recommendations for how to prevent a primary (first) c-section. I want to empower you to be able to do all the things you can to set yourself up for that vaginal birth – so that if you do need a cesarean, you can know with confidence that there was nothing else you could control and walk into your birth ready to embrace what the circumstance brought you. Flex & flow right! Let’s engage with our bodies, do all the things, initiate these conversations with our providers and advocate for ourselves and our loved ones. Healthy mom, baby and birth memory!

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BMI Calculator:

Recommendations for weight gain in pregnancy:
Underweight (starting BMI before pregnancy) (BMI less than 18.5): 28-40 lbs
Normal weight (BMI 18.5-24.9): 25-35 lbs
Overweight (BMI 25-29): 15-25 lbs
Obese (BMI 30+): 11-20 lbs
(taken from americanpregnancy.org also on ACOG)
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Disclaimer: all information shared in this video is framed through the lens of birth in North America and for educational purposes only. It is never to replace the advice of your doctor or midwife. Make sure to check with them before you try anything suggested in my videos and if you have any further questions. I do not give out medical advice.

10 Tips to Avoid a C-Section – Plus Some

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