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3 major mistakes WINGERS need to avoid!


3 major mistakes WINGERS need to avoid!

Learn football skills – 3 important mistakes every winger needs to avoid! In this video Joltter goes through the TOP 3 biggest and most common mistakes wingers often make. As a winger, you need amazing football skills to beat defenders and shine on the pitch – but if you constantly make mistakes, your overall level of play will suffer a lot. Luckily, in this video you will learn common mistakes you should avoid as a winger and knowing these tips is very valuable for any football player out there! Make sure to watch the full video above to learn how to play as a winger – and what mistakes to avoid on the football pitch.

The first mistake wingers usually do wrong is only learning one skill move for beating the defender. Football skills are extremely important to learn for every winger, and if you only know one way of beating your defender in a 1 vs 1 situation, the defender will be able to anticipate your next move and get an advantage over you. The second common mistake for wingers is playing yourself to a dead-end: you get the ball, start dribbling without looking up – and all of a sudden, you’re surrounded by 5 opponents. Learn how to scan the pitch before receiving the ball and don’t be afraid to occasionally pass the ball backwards in order to keep possession of the ball within your team. And lastly, unfortunately a lot of wingers lack the quality of anticipating in all stages of the game. Football consist of defending, attacking and the quick transition period between the two – and unfortunately many young wingers lack discipline and don’t recover quickly after losing the ball. For all the tips and tricks on how to avoid mistakes as a winger, check out the full video above!

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3 major mistakes WINGERS need to avoid!

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