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Can You Afford To Be 'Poor'? The Plight Of Those Without a Voice


Can You Afford To Be 'Poor'? The Plight Of Those Without a Voice

Can you afford to be ‘poor’?
As you know, well, if you didn’t, you will know now, that I will stop at nothing if I believe in something,

I have every expectation that I will be able to pursue this further, writing more about the consequences of struggling through the ‘system’ and the misconceptions and lack of knowledge of what some people endure when trying to live with (or without) the very basics.

The tremendous price (both monetarily and emotionally) has not been addressed in the media.

Very few people have any idea that a utility bill, if left unpaid, can increase from $286 to $800 (water)…All extra charges payable to the utility company for their ‘time’, not because of consumption
Most people have no idea that electricity is shut off because of an inability to pay extraordinary high deposits, even though consumption charges are up to date) resulting in room temperatures that cause 30 gallon fish tanks to freeze inside a house.

Children have to live in these conditions. with no phone, no transport and no money there is no alternative but to endure these circumstances.

I know…I have been there.

I lived without water for nearly two years, remembering a moment when I mentioned about the cat’s water and my son, without thinking, saying ‘Water? Where?”

We relied on an ex boyfriend stopping by with a bag of food…no other means of getting any when you live in the country.

I was helped by one of John Baird’s (when Energy minister) assistants who phoned the head office of hydro to try to have my electricity reconnected and they still would not consider his pleas on my behalf.

He kept in contact with me often, to try to help ( I could hear the ‘bells’ ringing at Queens park as he took time out from parliamentary matters).

I had not been disconnected originally, but after paying an overdue bill of $1400 (a farmhouse using electric heat) I was required to pay $700 deposit, which added to my monthly bill was beyond my ability but enough (even though consumption charges were up to date) to cause disconnection.

As far as they were concerned, when I spoke to a ‘woman’ in head office…”If you buy a loaf of bread you have to pay for it and electricity is no different’

We were literally freezing and it did not warrant any consideration.

It was -15c in the house….

The fish had frozen in the tank.

At the weekends the kids stayed with their friends….I stayed under two thick comforters (shared by the cats)….grateful that the kids had relief from this.

I don’t know whether this could be considered in any way to help others to cope, but I have made up my mind that the less fortunate need a voice and maybe I can be that voice.

Not through the usual political channels, but by major media.


The ‘system’ is made up of people that truly care but are limited by protocol.

My goal is not to highlight my experiences by looking for ‘sympathy’ because that is so far from the truth.

I consider myself fortunate to have experienced the adversity, enabling me to appreciate life in a way that very few others can comprehend.

I have two wonderful (grown) children that regardless of anything, never made me feel guilty for not providing the essentials and have an appreciation for life that few their age would understand.

Once I get my ‘words’ into some form of appropriate format, I will be approaching the media…and I will continue to look for all outlets…not to directly pinpoint the disgraceful way that those of us that are less fortunate financially are trodden on by major utility companies, but mostly to educate the ‘public’ about issues they have no concept would exist.
Hopefully there are a lot of people that would be inspired to know that it is possible to cope with circumstances that seem beyond normal possibilities and to be validated for some of the reasons they arrived in that position in the first place.

I also want to have the opportunity to recognise how wonderful most people are when they know these situations exist. Many people love the opportunity to help but are not approached because of ‘shame’ on the part of the people in the predicament.

I have no shame, and have been overwhelmed, not always by how much people ‘give’ but by how much they care.

I used to get a chuckle standing in line at the foodbank thinking it gives a new concept to ‘Going to the ‘bank’!

I have so much more to tell…and I know that now is the time for me to share it.

Can You Afford To Be 'Poor'? The Plight Of Those Without a Voice is often the biggest purchase you’ll make in your life. It’s actually important you have the ideal information, at the perfect time, to make certain you make informed decisions.

Can You Afford To Be 'Poor'? The Plight Of Those Without a Voice

Can You Afford To Be 'Poor'? The Plight Of Those Without a Voice house can be very different from purchasing a secondhand house. You might be buying off-plan, meaning that the property might not even be constructed yet.


While purchasing with Can You Afford To Be 'Poor'? The Plight Of Those Without a Voice, you might have to put a reservation fee to your buying.

Many online store will request that you swap contracts and pay a deposit soon after buying. You need to ensure that your lender and authorized agent are conscious of the deadline and can meet it.

Many online store will have referral relationships with particular Can You Afford To Be 'Poor'? The Plight Of Those Without a Voice and authorized representatives. You’re under no duty to utilize these companies if you do not need to. More information on this is seen on the Home Owners Alliance site.

There might be additional fees connected with a Can You Afford To Be 'Poor'? The Plight Of Those Without a Voice, such as estate center fees. Ensure that your legal agent fully explains the facts of the contract so that you understand what you’re signing up for.


If your house is still being assembled, your online store may provide you a date by which your house ought to be completed. On certain occasions this date might be postponed or brought forward. Ensure to understand what’s going to occur in either situation. If the former, your mortgage provide might want to be refreshed because they generally only last for a restricted period.

A long-stop date could be written into your contract, which lets you draw from the purchase at case of long delays to the house being completed.

You need to think about agreeing at trade a snagging survey ought to be completed when the land was constructed and before conclusion.

This poll can be performed with an expert firm or completed yourself. You need to report back any problems to your programmer and request them to be dealt with until you proceed in.

Most new construct houses have a 10-year guarantee for important structural difficulties and a 2-year guarantee for general flaws, but this might not cover all of the home and any connected land. Ensure that you are clear about what is and isn’t included in the guarantee before you set down a deposit.

Prior to making an offer, know what will and will not be repaired prior to conclusion and what happens in the event that you’ve got a dispute with the builder. Ensure that you ask the programmer for all material facts regarding the house before you commit to purchasing.



  1. Just to explain why this is on our Maddie channel….I uploaded this morning and it wasn't until I realised I was getting views that something was wrong…lol I only have 2 subscribers on the channel I have created for this! Life in the Key of Happy https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkwQHUgtb_IWbJWaLacCiOw.
    I decided to leave it, in case it resonated with anyone watching that may find themselves in difficulty financially, possibly because of COVID. My channel is still under construction, hence I haven't advertised it, but I would like to have it as an alternative to the 'book' that I promised my brother (RIP Ed) I would complete.

    Maybe in the future I will do a 'live' and share some of my experiences in the hope of helping others as I KNOW, not only how difficult it can be, but also how demoralizing it can feel. I want to ASSURE everyone that there is nothing to feel ashamed about and it IS possible to not only cope, but it's also possible to be HAPPY!

    To put some context to the difficulties I was going through at that time described in this video…. We had just previously had a house fire (arson – neighbourhood kids) and with no insurance (not in the budget) I lost all of my business paperwork and customer details. It was a new start in the farmhouse, but with many challenges (which I will outline in later vids) and without the use of a car…but with two wonderful children we were able to get through it all 🙂 (Thanks to the help of MANY caring people in our community as well as friends)

    Thanks for taking the time to listen and hopefully ONE DAY I can help make a difference !

  2. Lizzy iv never had a cut off with electric or gas but what i have had is really high gas and electric bills and not been able to pay….so what British gas had to do remove my existing metres and replace them with pay as you go metres so what they did for me budgeted the debt I owed them tied to metres along with my usage and it took a while but I'm glad I'm on pay as you go meters …thank you for sharing your stories Lizzy your such a strong lady x

  3. Thank you so much – your words rang a bell with a similar situation my 3 girls and I found ourselves in when ex-husband declared bankruptcy and stopped paying child support. This was in the 80s in Australia. I relied upon the child support to keep up my mortgage payments. We lost the house to the bank and went out bro rented accommodation. At the time it was summer and we had no fridge over Christmas. I was always asking electric company for a payment extension.
    We survived and finished my PHD and secured a higher paying academic post in UK in 2000. My girls were independent and no posts here in Australia so off I went. Perseverance determination got us through.

  4. Good heavens, it's not that bad in Australia! So sorry you went through this nightmare Lizzy. It does back up my mantra that in very tough times, our greatest resource is each other.
    Good luck with your campaign. You have your work cut out for you. But one advantage of "interesting times" like is that it's easier to bring about change.

    What I'm seeing is that in addition to my tiny off-grid houses, the attached energy and water setups could be used by people with roofs over their heads, who have lost access to the normal services. Something that never crossed my mind!

  5. I can listen to you all day, I truly believe our experiences make us who we are, and it's up to us to learn from every experience, and to help other's, you've got a big heart L 💚


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