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How To APPEAL A Traffic Ticket In New York


How To APPEAL A Traffic Ticket In New York

So you got a traffic ticket, you went to court, and feel you did your best testifying. But you were still found guilty. Well it’s not over yet! This video will explain how to appeal a ticket in New York.

The Traffic Violations Bureau or what is commonly referred to as TVB, is an administrative agency in New York that is part of the Department of motor vehicles or the DMV for short. The TVB handles all traffic tickets issued in all 5 boroughs of New York City, Rochester, buffalo as well as some parts of Suffolk County. The TVB doesn’t handle tickets issued in many of the villages or towns since they tend to have their own court system and you cant appeal a traffic ticket.

Below are steps to follow to file an appeal

02:31 The first and most important thing to remember is that you have 30 days to file an appeal. If more than 30 days have passed, you can forget it…there is nothing you can do.
02:47 The 2nd thing you must do is pay your fine before appeal will be considered. If you are successful in the appeal process…your money will be returned to you.
03:03 The 3rd thing to know is that it will cost $10 per ticket to file the appeal.

Download form here:
File online:

03:33 The next point i want to mention is if you have been or will be suspended or revoked as a result of the judges decision, you can request a stay. This will keep your license valid while your appeal is pending. You don’t want to drive with any suspension or revocation…that could lead to an arrest if you are caught..
04:11 Once your initial appeal form has been submitted, you have to wait for a letter from a private transcription company that reviews the recording of the hearing and creates a transcript. This company will request a fee of $50 for the transcript fee and you have 30 days to pay it.
04:38 Once your transcript arrives in the mail, you have 30 days to review it and submit your arguments to the Appeals Board. Your written arguments should refer to specific pages and lines on the transcript. The Appeals Board is only looking for legal (not factual) errors by the judge at the hearing.
06:27 If you lose your appeal, you do have the opportunity to start an Article 78 proceeding. This is an appeal of a decision by an administrative agency (the TVB) to the real NY state court system.

Well I hope this information helps you understand the appeal process and what you need to do to appeal a traffic ticket here in New York. Check with your individual state to see what your process is if you are outside of New York.

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How To APPEAL A Traffic Ticket In New York

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