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    1. I tried this and I’m so angry that my skin was more textured than how I normally apply. DONT USE A BEAUTY BLENDER WHEN APPLYING PRIMER. Thats a terrible technique.

    2. Hi love all your videos. Thanks. Would you recommend waiting for the foundation to dry before applying setting powder. Or would you recommend to apply the setting powder on wet foundation. Thanks x

    3. So I tried using my expensive stuff I bought last night and my face still was textured. My difference was the setting powder. I brushed on instead of beauty sponge!! I don’t see a difference with makeup on me like I see the difference between others. I’m still not any more pretty IMO!!!

    4. Hey just subscribed and I love how this video is short and straight up to the point I loved your quick way of explaining and I’m super glad that I do that usually so yeee but will try the over night oil ❤️

    5. No matter what Products I use or how I use it, I don’t even have acne anymore but after I apply makeup it looks like I do, and large pores have a nice halo around each of them. I get super oily after a couple hours and my makeup just wipes off

    6. I really gained a lot of knowledge in cufflinks and bought two French cuff shirts and two pairs of cufflinks…
      My mom really loved it❤️❤️❤️
      My mother's happiness is my happiness..
      You deserve this credit
      All the best we are there to support you.
      Love from 🇮🇳🇮🇳

    7. i like the video! extremely well detailed. i happen to notice that you where wearing single link cuffs instead of french double cuffs.
      did you do them yourself? or did you buy it with the single link cuffs? if yes could you tell me from where? because i don't find single link cuffs anywhere but on white tie shirts.

    8. DO NOT buy from Colleterals. I spent over £400 on two sets based on your recommendations. One Onyx, One Blue Lapiz. The stones were off centre, the silver wasn't hallmarked, but crucially because they both hadn't been securely placed in their elastic place holders and securely fastened there was no bubble wrap for example, they had travelled in fright all the way from France and had been jangling loose so arrived nicely scratched up. If I hadn't paid by PayPal I would have lost the lot as they were in the end forced to give up a business address and thankfully PayPal refunded the lot. Even the Logo looks dodgy.

    9. I think the chain link are the most classic and elegant. They also show well on both sides of the cuff. They happen to be the most expensive type but I get around that by going to my favorite button store (7th ave NYC) and buying fancy buttons and link them together; use one small and one large one unless the buttons are oval. I always get compliments on them and queries on where I got them. TIP: Harrod's in London has the absolute best selection if you're willing to spend 100 – 200 BPS on real ones. Admittedly i have only one pair.

    10. Informative video. I just saw one faux-pas at 2:32. One shouldn’t wear a watch with black tie. It doesn’t belong to the dresscode. It is considered inappropriate because it would signal that you have other things to do, whereas the event you are attending should be interestinge enough that you don’t think about other events at that moment.

    11. A couple years ago, I bought my first shirt that took cufflinks, and I've been hooked ever since. They certainly add a nice touch to a shirt, and I have noticed that they sometimes catch people's eye when conversing with others. It's hard for me to pass up a nice set of cufflinks when I find some. I'm always looking to add to my collection. It's almost comparable to a woman with her shoes.

    12. Superb video, Antonio! I remember reading an article in the October 2014 edition of Smithsonian magazine about the CIA’s history, wherein the author covered the significance of cufflinks during the Cold War. A Soviet double agent by the name of Pyotr Popov wore gold cufflinks emobssed with the image of the Greek goddess Athena’s helmet and a small sword. His CIA contacts wore an identical pair of cufflinks. Popov was one of the most vital sources of Soviet military intel for the CIA during the ‘50s. George Kisevalter, who would become an exceptional CIA case officer, came up with the idea of using distinctive cufflinks as a recognition signal. Kisevalter gave them to Popov before he was recalled to Moscow in 1955, informing him that if he was able to renew contact with the CIA, the agency’s courier sent to meet him would wear a matching set of cufflinks. Popov was eventually assigned to Schwerin, East Germany, and resumed contact with the CIA until 1958, when he was called back to Moscow and there arrested by the KGB. Popov was exected two years later. The cufflinks, however, remain behind glass inside a CIA museum in Langley, Virginia.

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    14. Jesus paid a high price for all of us and we all need to know how much he loves us and he loves us so much he wants us to love and respect ourselves and to know that we're not cheap and that whilst we're single we belong to the lord and were his property not some one else's

    15. Simple put; Anyone who have committed crimes of such nature, should be given the death penalty.
      My only problem with this analysis is," You have miserably failed to understand that the poor is at a serious disadvantage whenever it comes to justice in this country.
      Blessed 🙏.

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    17. There are a few questions to be asked here. When is circumstantial evidence admissible? So much inconsistency with that. Why wasn’t it relevant in the decision not to prosecute the PM’s lawyer In whose house a murder took place? Kentucky Kid? The man who brandished a firearm at Carnival? Was Nadia Mitchell from the ghetto or from uptown? People are used the inconsistency of the DPP office so that’s why they run with the false narrative. Like when Racists or Colourism exponents say “you have a chip on your shoulder” and I say if that’s the case then you’re the one who put it there. Is it a case of the DPP working harder in cases that benefit the hierarchy or the upper echelon of society than they do in some cases? There’s a big grey area here so for me the jury is out, no pun intended

    18. People when you get the opportunity to migrate and settle, please don't waste your time or money. SAVE!!SAVE!!SAVE. Purchase a home and or a car and enjoy that country. Don't go back to Jamaica to live, just go visit and don't show off on people, stay humble and aware of your surroundings. Yes, I know crime is everywhere in the world, but for a small island like Jamaica, it is too, too prevalent….and yes I am Jamaican

    19. Big Up to the Class and Sir P… present. But I have to raise my hand and say "Paula Llewelyn is stern & just when she wants to be but is also a crook when she wants to. Please visit the Kentucky Kid case

    20. Have to correct you Sir P…we dont have a "justice " system.We have a legal system,rarely is justice served.In this case some justice was gotten but more often than not there is no justice.Another point Paula Llewellyn has some scalps like Zeeks and some others but many have benefitted from her famous "nolle prosequi" case submission.Shes a failure in my eyes because she has made serious judgment calls such as the Irwin Rape Case..where the two brothers were arrested and charged for the rape of 5 females including a teenage girl.The real rapist was caught after commiting more rapes and i believed a murder.Dna had excused the brothers from the scene but Bad Paulas words were "they have a case to answer for"….while the real rapist was out to commit the same acts again!!Until his dna was matched to the scene.

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    23. What's even worse is when you pull out a card to swipe it you can actually have it stolen as well from an RFID reading device….stay safe out there 🤔

    24. I'm very confused. What happened to the ground coffee beans? Did the powder dissolve? Are they caught in the bottom of the pot? Are they floating in the drink? Don't they make the drink gritty and unpleasant?

    25. When I was in the US Army stationed in Germany, I bought a Turkish coffee maker from a Turkish grocery store and the woman working there was kind enough to teach me how to make it – just like method two. I have been making it that way for over 30 years. Delicious. Nowadays, I actually open a cardamon pod or two and add the seeds to the coffee (must be the Indian influence from my wife). Give it a try.

    26. we do it different in greece and we have more variations no sugar , very liitle sugar, medium ,sweet ,very sweet ,extra heavy ,extra heavy no,the famous yes and no ,with bubbles ,no bubbles with water in glass…

    27. This method is very similar to Greek coffee. I also saw coffee boiled on hot sands in Pamukkali & Cappadocia. I bought a small tin of your famous coffee at the Istanbul airport, I gave it to be brother when visiting him in Malaysia, he didn't even make it for me to try, LOL so I never tasted the airport coffee I bought! When I left Istanbul summer 2019, I bought 8 different types of teas & coffee at the Spice Bazaar to fill out my luggage 🙂

    28. Tried Mehmet Effendi coffee last year Frankly, I did not like it Next time I visit Istanbul I will try " Nuri Toplar " coffee They say that the type with added hazelnuts is good

    29. i love turkish serials and so the turkish traditions.. thank you so much for telling the story behind that glass of water being put aside coffee.. its definitely amazing to know.. loads of love from India.

    30. Ispanyollar doneri, isvecler kofteyi, yunanlar her seyi, hollandalilar laleyi vb sahiplenirken Turk mutfaginin sirlarini youtube ustunden ingilterelice olarak tum dunyaya yaymak Turk toplumuna ve gida turizimine ne yararlar saglar?

    31. Thanks for sharing this delightful recipe to all coffee lovers ❤️ love from India ❤️
      I usually follow the first method to have a coffee before my workout.. but will try the second method insha'Allah today itself 😍👍

    32. Thank u 4 uploading n abt da water my worry gt solved😂😂 but i hv another question wenever i watch turkey dramas i see dem drinking lots of coffee n tea am curious hw can de kip der teeth white still.plz rply

    33. Wow! This content is pretty great and organization is indeed the basis for us to achieve our goals! I admire how you exposed the topics in a dynamic way. Thank you for sharing with us!❤️

    34. That perspective is Definitely great always good to have different ways to get people to understand seriousness hi Tim my name is Paul Edwards from Delaware studying to be a millionaire student

    35. As always Great video Tim, I have been trading for some time with the usual suspects. Starting watching your videos and got the idea on penny stocks trading, your rules, dedication, hard research, being self-sufficient, and time is gold. Thinking about your 30 days bootcamp, but I have already 3 jobs and the Wall:)) you and your amazing millionaire students are always in my mind. God bless and lots of productive trading:) Cheers man!!!

    36. Go slow to go fast. Prepare to be successful since "luck" favors the prepared. Skills have to be developed over time, like kids playing sports: no one starts off being great like Michael Jordan. Great video!!

    37. I bought a program from Tim back in the spring. I work 70 hours per week on my job and invest in real estate (which hasn't gotten me to where I want to be). I also bought a couple of Tim's dvds. I tested Tim's teachings with papertrading & did great. I funded an account and began trading, and broke 2 of Tim's rules & lost 10% of my account. So I stopped trading & whether back to studying, found where I violated rules and am preparing to begin trading by paper trading again to make sure I am going by the rules, then begin real trading again. The interviews with top students are definitely worth listening to, not only are the motivational they also help form the correct mindset. I will keep the rules and will get to where I want to be. If I hadn't already bought what I have, I would definitely buy the bootcamp, as I think that would have made my journey thus far more productive. This is what I've been looking for for over 2 decades…after I blew up a commodities trading account catastrophically. Thanks for your teachings, Tim.
      Thanks Tim.

    38. Hi Tim, i am from India. from last 2 year learning from videos, is your stratergy work in indian stock market as we have lots of restriction for trading penny stock in india , and i cant trade in US market. and can i join your 30 Day Bootcamp challenge though webinar.

    39. You are right about time! No matter what happens in life, time is short! We should also work for ETERNITY! We should prepare ourselves to be with GOD our father in Heaven! I'm a devout Catholic and I can and will, use comunication technologies like this to evangelize! I'm doing that NOW! Learning to profit consistently trading small and micro cap Penney stocks from you n the other Tims…….? I wanna ar least try ta……!? I Want to study the course book that Jamil wrote first, then go from there. The boot camp, Penney stocking silver…..!? Hmmmm…….one step at a time. I'm sorry, but!…..IM SLOW!!!! Thank you!

    40. My trading was going well (very small account) til I got put on night shifts working 40-60 hrs weeks. Any tips? My account is too small to fully commit yet and I’m still fairly new to trading.

    41. When I first thought about trading, I don't know how I came across you but, you got me started with your watchlists you send to emails. That really got me started. Of course it's stock market so you've to do your own research as well. I'm making good $ right now in the market. I do want to advance but not sure which of your videos/courses to follow after those emails. I will research more. Thanks Tim, may God give you more.

    42. Tim,
      I just went sign up, my address is another state, different than my billing address. I didn't sign up due to not having the ability to put in a different billing address. Fix it, please

    43. Those whose earn their money by learning how to trade and grind through the tough times will appreciate their money, more than those who have it given to them and blow through it and will have nothing left in the end.

    44. കിഡ്‌നി രോഗവുമായി ബന്ധപ്പെട്ട നിങ്ങളുടെ സംശയങ്ങൾ കമന്റ് ചെയ്യുക. Dr BIJOY ANTONY – ASTER MIMS , Kannur- മറുപടി നൽകുന്നതാണ്. For more details contact : 9947099099. 9947099199

    45. dr sir eniku 28 vayassund eeyidayaayi vayaril idathu bhaghathum athe side back bhaaghavum vedhana varunnu step kayarumbo over aayi nikumbozhoke vedhana varunnu athu kidney problem aano?

    46. സർ എന്റെ മുഖത്ത് നീരുണ്ട് വിശപ്പ് ഇല്ല കുറച്ചു 4വർഷമായി കൊളസ്ട്രോൾ ഗുളിക കഴിക്കുന്നു നോർമ്മൽ ആണ് പിന്നെ അലർജി ഉണ്ട് സിട്രസിൻ കഴിക്കും ഇടയ്ക്കിടയ്ക്ക് ഇപ്പോ ഇത്തിരി ചോറ് കഴിച്ചാലും വയർ വീർത്ത് ഇരിക്കുവ മുഖത്ത് നീര് ഉണ്ട് ഉപ്പ്, മധുരം കുടുതൽ ഉള്ളത് കഴിച്ചാൽ നടുവിന് താഴെ നീർക്കെട്ട് ഉണ്ടാകും എന്താണ് സർ പ്രോബ്ലം ദയവായി മറുപടി തരിക

    47. നെല്ലിക്ക കഴിച്ചാൽ വൃക്ക തകരാർ ഉണ്ടാവുമെന്ന് ഒരു മെസ്സേജ് വാട്സാപ്പിൽ കാണാനിടയായി സത്യമാണോ

    48. Dear Doctor,
      Recently I have tested Blood
      My creatinine is 1.27. BP is normal, HDL normal. LDL little high
      Doctor told to drink more water.
      No medicine given.
      Once in a week I will take cetrizine tablet because of sneezing.
      Could you please advise for the right medication, diet, intake
      Water etc.
      But now I have little pain like feeling in the right bottom of my abdomen. I scare that any damage to my kidneys?
      Nobody is giving a proper advise.
      00971 55 7243485

    49. വൃക്ക ചുരുങ്ങു'ന്നത് എങ്ങനെ. മനസ്സിലാക്കാം,? രക്ത പരിശോധനയിലൂടെ സാധിക്കുമോ?
      BP, Sugar നിയന്ത്രണമില്ലാതെ അധികം നാൾ നിന്നാ ലല്ലെ കുഴപ്പം ഉണ്ടാകു.

    50. Antioplasty kazhinha alan..sugar control und..pumping kuravan..antiyo plasty kazhinhit 2 varshamayi..marunn kazhikunnu..ippol 2 months ayit creatin kuduthalan..enganeyan creatin control cheyyendath..fruits ethellam ozhivakenam..nellikka cherunaranga polullava kond prashnam undo..heartinte doctore matrame kanditollu ..adheham thanneyan chikilsa thannukondirikunnath..vellam ippol
      6 glass kudichal mathi ennan doctor paranhath..ennal nhan 10 glass vare kudikunnund..mootram nannayi ozhichu pokunnathukondan ingane cheyyunnath..ithinoru vishatha vivarenam nalkumo sir..?nhan 68 vayassulla alan..enn snehathode

    51. Doctor ente amma kidney patient( infection) anu. ippo creatinine 5.7 and urea 104 anu. Diabetes, Blood pressure undu WBC count 12280. ippo amma kurachu weak anu. Doctor dialysis paranjirikukayanu. Dialysis allathe creatinine and urea control avan enthekilum margamundo. Diabetes and BP daily 4 to 5 times noki controlled ayi nirthan try cheyunu. Hb injection cheyundu Hb ippo between 9 and 10 anu.

    52. സർ ടെൻഷൻ ഉണ്ടാവുമ്പോൾ ഉറക്കം കുറയും അങ്ങനെ വരുമ്പോൾ ബിപി കൂടുതൽ വരുന്നു അതെ രീതിയിൽ ബ്ളാസ്
      പ്ലസർ കൂടുതൽ വരുന്നു ഉണ്ട് പിന്നെ ഷുഗർ ഇല്ല ക്ളോർസ്റ്റോൾ ഉണ്ട് സർ …?

    53. മരുന്നുകൾ ഉപയോഗിച്ച് വൃക്ക തകരരായി തുടങ്ങി പിന്നെ മരുന്ന് നിർത്തിയ ശേഷവും അത് തുടരുമോ? തുടരുമെങ്കിൽ അത് നാച്ചുറൽ ആയി മറ്റാൻ സാധിക്കുമോ?

    54. Dr enikku creatinine nte alavu 1:1 anu.. Enikku idakku kaalu vedhanayum adi vayattil vedhAnayum ind…. Njn gym cheyyunnadrnu….. Njn food control cheythal mathiyoo….. Atho njn dctrne consult cheyyano

      Dr. BIJOY ANTONY .

    56. I am 67 year old ,l am staying Pandalam l had taken ulltras ound scan in this report mention one
      Kidny size is normal other one right kidny is size big.blood and urine text are ok.any problem in this y

    57. I have a feeling they're not going to want a Sony title to win. Most likely they'll give it to the ridiculous animal crossing that's for kids.don't get me wrong I am A PlayStation person but I plan on getting a Nintendo switch in the future. There are few Nintendo titles that I like that adults could play also. What I don't like about the breadth of the wild is the game looks like it's shell shaded and that's a shame because I really like link a lot.

    58. Comparing the wii u to the virtual boy?? Outrageous!! Wii u was certainly a commercial failure, but got one a few months ago and have been using it so much: Breath of the Wild, Mario Galaxy, Dead Space Extraction – so many cool wii and wii u games you can play with it.

    59. Nah 2017 and 2019 were excellent years for games. I think the difference this year is Sony had an excellent year of publishing games when compared to last year. Also next gen games are out which is nice.

    60. Really should be more than five nominees. Literally thousands of games come out a year and you only recognize five. Let the people choose from all of them instead of a tiny list that someone else thinks is what matters

    61. Very interesting and surprisingly effective. BTW I would leave an additional 5-10 seconds at the end of the video to give more time to appreciate it before the next video gets sequenced in.

    62. This is the video I’ve been looking for since I started. I’m an auto company and started trying new things and now I’ll try these styles you spoke of and Bella products as well now that I am aware. Thank you 🙏

    63. The depreciation and even the initial value of RVs and trailers doesn't even start out as worth what's being asked. When buying old or used you have SO many things you need to know how to look for, like sealants on the roof, tires, and all kinds of things I have no clue about because I've never RV'd in my life. I've been watching videos for years now and I'm still on the fence about getting one.

    64. Thank you Duane for another great video. We've owned 6 RV's in our lifetime. 5 were private purchases and 1 was through a dealer. All were used. Your advise is spot on. From experience any used unit that has age on it will require repairs. My only 5th wheel purchase required a roof install after we owned it for a few years. The rubber roof was exactly 12 years old Those things happen. We just recently purchased our retirement bus. A 2006 450 Lxi Wanderlodge. We love it even though it requires constant attention and pampering. Again thanks for your channel. You do a great service to the industry. I appreciate it.

    65. Great info Duane. One thing we found was that many RVs looked good at the RV show in the warm and comfy indoors where they show them We fell in love with a Intec Horizon small travel trailer at the local RV show. Later on a rainy and cold day we stopped by a dealer and had a look at the same trailer. Well I can tell you that on a cold rainy day I was no longer interested in a travel trailer of any kind. So we started looking at motorhomes and vans. Early on we wanted to go low budget but as time went by we decide we would have to invest to get something satisfying. We spent about a year thinking of ways to build out our own class B van. One day when my wife could no longer put up with waiting we got online and looked for models to go see close by. After hands on with a few Winnebago Travatos we decided we wanted that model. Back to online and using SEARCHTEMPEST for Craigslist we did a nation wide search for the perfect Travato. Not long after we found a one year old with 5k miles in Phoenix Arizona. So at the end of June this year we jumped on a plane the next morning and flew down to purchase the van. A one year old Winnebago Travato with a list price of $120k and from what I have seen you might snag a deal somewhere in the nation for low to mid 90's (probably not right now with the huge demand) and for ours we paid $70k. A one year old, never slept in, stove and sink still new, clean as a whistle and a super sweet deal.

    66. Duane thank you for another great video. My question is simple. I wish to buy our rv as close to the factory as possible. Living in San Diego county I am concerned about who is hammer down across the continent divide trying to deliver our coach to the local dealer. Also try to save on the transportation costs. We are getting close to knowing what manufacturer and model we want, wish that we could afford that Newmar super c! HA HA anyway we are concerned about service being 1800 miles away from the selling dealer. Also concerned about having a class 2 inspection done before we purchase the new coach. We are not ready yet, just wondering what you think about this plan. Sorry for being so long winded! THANKS SAFE TRAVELS

    67. I use to joke that the best time and place to buy was in the spring in Florida. That's when all the snow birds who bought one thinking they'd like it have found out they hated it and want to get rid of it. January in the northern states is a great time. We bought new and had to travel a long way away for ours. No one close sold what we wanted.

    68. An absolutely amazing series, the Purpose of Life, by Swami Mukundananda! This human form is precious and meant for the blossoming of our divinity. If we wish to manifest our full potential, we should know our purpose in life. Living for a meaningful cause inspires us to continue despite challenges and difficulties. Swamiji shares a beautiful example. Watch this video and share with others!

    69. Swamiji’s each and every sessions are filled with innumerable yogic wisdom filled with very practical tools the story of gold medalist is a very good example of inspiration In spite of all types of obstacles how he sustained his enthusiasm to full fill his dream of becoming a gold medalist in olympics with his one hand motivates any body to reach for the goal

    70. The one reason to succeed in life is, to shut some people mouth and more of that I have realized my potential of doing things and purpose which is to help others who are in need, deserve to get a better life but couldn't, because of some people selfishness and egoism. I want to do something for the poverty line people, nations people, for the country and family(means humanity).

    71. Amazing video. Most of the videos of Swamiji is full of inspiration ,there is nothing in it which causes demotivation. He has rightly said that life is a journey and there is always scope for us to improve ourselves. We should always hv learning attitude and do some excellent work for the good of the people.

    72. Just to explain why this is on our Maddie channel….I uploaded this morning and it wasn't until I realised I was getting views that something was wrong…lol I only have 2 subscribers on the channel I have created for this! Life in the Key of Happy
      I decided to leave it, in case it resonated with anyone watching that may find themselves in difficulty financially, possibly because of COVID. My channel is still under construction, hence I haven't advertised it, but I would like to have it as an alternative to the 'book' that I promised my brother (RIP Ed) I would complete.

      Maybe in the future I will do a 'live' and share some of my experiences in the hope of helping others as I KNOW, not only how difficult it can be, but also how demoralizing it can feel. I want to ASSURE everyone that there is nothing to feel ashamed about and it IS possible to not only cope, but it's also possible to be HAPPY!

      To put some context to the difficulties I was going through at that time described in this video…. We had just previously had a house fire (arson – neighbourhood kids) and with no insurance (not in the budget) I lost all of my business paperwork and customer details. It was a new start in the farmhouse, but with many challenges (which I will outline in later vids) and without the use of a car…but with two wonderful children we were able to get through it all 🙂 (Thanks to the help of MANY caring people in our community as well as friends)

      Thanks for taking the time to listen and hopefully ONE DAY I can help make a difference !

    73. Lizzy iv never had a cut off with electric or gas but what i have had is really high gas and electric bills and not been able to pay….so what British gas had to do remove my existing metres and replace them with pay as you go metres so what they did for me budgeted the debt I owed them tied to metres along with my usage and it took a while but I'm glad I'm on pay as you go meters …thank you for sharing your stories Lizzy your such a strong lady x

    74. Thank you so much – your words rang a bell with a similar situation my 3 girls and I found ourselves in when ex-husband declared bankruptcy and stopped paying child support. This was in the 80s in Australia. I relied upon the child support to keep up my mortgage payments. We lost the house to the bank and went out bro rented accommodation. At the time it was summer and we had no fridge over Christmas. I was always asking electric company for a payment extension.
      We survived and finished my PHD and secured a higher paying academic post in UK in 2000. My girls were independent and no posts here in Australia so off I went. Perseverance determination got us through.

    75. Good heavens, it's not that bad in Australia! So sorry you went through this nightmare Lizzy. It does back up my mantra that in very tough times, our greatest resource is each other.
      Good luck with your campaign. You have your work cut out for you. But one advantage of "interesting times" like is that it's easier to bring about change.

      What I'm seeing is that in addition to my tiny off-grid houses, the attached energy and water setups could be used by people with roofs over their heads, who have lost access to the normal services. Something that never crossed my mind!

    76. I can listen to you all day, I truly believe our experiences make us who we are, and it's up to us to learn from every experience, and to help other's, you've got a big heart L 💚

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    80. Wouldn't killing senescent cells cause the same problem as suppressing SASP ? If senescent cells are killed off, they're not secreting anymore and the 3 paths you mentioned are blocked again.

    81. do you think a combination of telomerase gene therapy and senolytic therapy, such as dasatinib and quercetin, can have an affect of prolonging healthspan in people who are already exercising and have healthy diet?

    82. Great talk, but it's the exact same talk she gave to another online conference. I guess this & that conference happened at the same time. I was hoping for some new glimmer of information.

    83. The tutorial was very useful and gave great advice / tips, however next time while doing the shoot plz tell your camera man to KEEP STILL!! I found the video too distracting and in away gave me a headache from dizziness or other wise get a professional who knows what's going on. But other than that it was good. (thumbs up) 

    84. Wow.. You are exactly right.I am guilty of doing this and I actually notice that deposit at the end; however, I usually take the excess at the free edge and cap it with that. Thanks so much for these tips!! I am new to gel polish and you put me right on track . Especially with started at the apex down first then the cuticle because I always start at the cuticle! I didn't realize we could push & pull cream gels and gel polish! GENIUS! <3 Happy Monday!

    85. This is exactly the issue with my beetles gel set! The pinks do this alot! I was thinking that maybe the brand is overrated. I will post an update on my next attempt

    86. Thank you so much I bought a few pale gel polished and I loved the pinks but they were so streaky I thought it was the polish. Of course it’s my technique lol. Thanks so much!!!

    87. I’m learning to do my own nails at home. I have streaks as I’m looking at my work I did this morning. This video is helpful. I’m using the vertical technique my next round. All of these years the nail techs in the salon have been doing it wrong as well 😅. Appreciate the video!

    88. Thank you thank you thank you! I will need to try this next time. Some of my GBI polishes streak, have bald spots and the speed bump… everything you went over in that video actually andas no matter what I tried, never worked. Hoping this will help me xx.

    89. Thank you for this! I bought a couple Luxio colors to try out before purchasing a lot (Polar and Sunburst) and I found them to be super streaky so I was disappointed. I'm going to try them again using this method 🙂

    90. ❤ this video totally makes my black, white, and light pinks application look SO good. And keeps from getting a "bald" spot when my dark colors don't cure properly and I apply a topcoat. Thanks, Liz.

    91. Thank you so much for this video! I've been struggling with this for a loong time. I asked some people who does nails for a long time and they said it's because i clean the brush with cleaner (because it's a brush cleaner, duuh!!!😒) but no one told me it might be the brushing angle! You're a genius and I love you!!!!🤗🤗🤗🤗

    92. Do you have any application tips, tools, or recommended brands for black polish in particular? I love black nails but I haven't found one that doesn't pucker/lump up/not fully cure.

    93. This is a highly educational video!! I became a qualified nail tech nearly two years ago and I could never master why I was getting a lump on the tip of the nail!! So thank you so much for this – my application will now look more professional. Really appreciate all your videos.

    94. Oh my goodness, thank you so much! I could never figure out why I always get a little “speed-bump” at the tip of my nails, no matter how thinly I apply my gels. Now, I know! Your videos are so helpful, and I truly value your knowledge. You’re a wonderful teacher. Thank you for all you do for us…love, light, and blessings to you and yours.