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How to apply Thermal Paste


How to apply Thermal Paste

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We are happy & proud to celebrate the sale of more than 10 million tubes of MX-thermal compounds. Now they are available in a celebratory 2019 edition. To mark the anniversary, we are organising a giveaway, offering customers the chance to win US $1000 each month. On the packaging of each MX-Tube out of the 2019 edition is a unique QR code that links directly to the registration page.

Your CPU is running hot even if equipped with a beastly cooler? Maybe your thermal compound has worn off and you need to renew it. With our Arctic MX-2 and MX-4 we offer a durability of 8 years combined with an outstanding thermal transfer rate and easy application.

But how to apply thermal paste in the most effective way? There are many of them. Check out this video to get an overview, how we do it @ARCTIC.

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How to apply Thermal Paste

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What You Will Need to How to apply Thermal Paste

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