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How to boost your FTP


How to boost your FTP

I used Zwift’s “4 week FTP Booster” program and followed it VERY closely. Here is what happened!
What is your FTP right now?
Do you know what to do to increase your FTP? (what works for you?)

Functional Threshold Power is arguably the most important predictor of success (especially when equated to watts per kilo (w/kg). In this video, I show you EXACTLY what you need to do in every workout to build your FTP up. If you only ever do 1 single workout to make yourself a better cyclist this is it. YEARS of coaching and personal experience leads me to this 1 fact that leads to increasing your FTP.

(by the way…watts per kilo is critical:
—great link from CyclingTips!

#1 Consistency is the most important factor to increasing your FTP
#2 Duration is second, hours in the saddle directly equate to performance on the bike and in races
#3 Intensity while important is NOT the end all be all. Time and consistency will beat a cyclist that goes all out for short efforts every time.

How to raise your FTP is a mystery and I think most people over complicate this process. Just put in some consistent, planned work and watch those results manifest. It works every time, if you put in the time.

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Who am I?
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How to boost your FTP

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What You Will Need to How to boost your FTP

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