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How to Buy Your First Rolex – A Gentleman's Buying Guide


How to Buy Your First Rolex – A Gentleman's Buying Guide

Things you need to consider before buying your very own Rolex:

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So why should you buy a Rolex and what are maybe reasons not to buy one?

So let’s take you through some steps that make sure that you end up with s Rolex that you will love and want to wear for years to come.

First, before you start shopping for a Rolex, ask yourself these three questions: One, is a Rolex a good fit for my personal style and how will I wear it? All of the watches that made Rolex popular and famous are sports watches or professional watches, not really dress watches. The second question to ask is: Can I afford a Rolex? Honestly, it’s not a good idea to just put it on a credit card where you don’t have to pay interest, just save up some money, put some money aside and use that to buy it. The third and maybe the hardest question you should ask yourself is: Am i buying this Rolex watch for the right reasons?

Once you’ve honestly answered all those questions, you can move on to the next step and decide, do I want a new Rolex or a vintage Rolex? A new Rolex is pretty straightforward; you pay full price, you get your authentic product, you get the boxes, the papers, and everything there is. Buying a new Rolex will give you peace of mind but you’ll also pay a good chunk of money for it. Now maybe you are like me and you like vintage things, in that case, a Rolex vintage watch could be something for you.

And the third step, it’s time to choose your watch details. I would start with a size of the case because size definitely matters in a watch. We believe that the size should always be proportional, just like anything else in classic menswear. So if you have a slim wrist, you need a smaller watch. If you have a big wrist, you need a bigger watch. Overall though, I think there’s a tendency to get bigger and bigger watches so even if you have a bigger wrist, I would argue to stay clear of the oversized watches above 41 millimeter case size because they also get thicker and wider and it just looks very chunky and not elegant at all.

Next up, it’s time to choose the right material and band. For Rolex, I strongly suggest you go with stainless steel watch case and band bracelet simply because that is in line with the sporty character of the watch but also because that’s the most sought-after product and it retains the value the most. Now that being said, if for some reason, you like the two-tone look of stainless steel and gold, go for it. In that case, I suggest you maybe try the vintage market because gold is a lot more expensive so the retail price is higher but because they are less desirable, the vintage prices are below the stainless steel.

Which brings us to point number four, choosing the right model of Rolex. When you’re just starting out, you may not be aware of all the different watch models that Rolex is offering and frankly, there’s quite a few.

This brings me to the next point, do your research, check out things but don’t go overboard. Watch research can be tough, there are very strong opinions about very little minute details but at the end of the day, it’s about you. If you’re someone who researches excessively, then by all means, go ahead. After all, you’re spending a lot of money on this timepiece but keep in mind, it’s very easy to fall into a Rolex choice online watch hole.

And the next step, I suggest you actually go to a store. There’s pretty much an authorized Rolex dealer in every city. Go there, try different watches on, figure out what your favorite is, and then leave. Do not buy anything on the spot, just leave and go home, wait a few weeks, maybe a month, maybe two months, and if you still want that watch, that’s a good indicator that it’s the right watch and that you’ve made your decision.

And the final step, once you’re certain what model you want in what size and what color combination, it’s time to buy from a reputable dealer. You can buy Rolexes at online auctions and because there’s so many, you can really find them everywhere.

How to Buy Your First Rolex – A Gentleman's Buying Guide is often the biggest purchase you’ll make in your life. It’s actually important you have the ideal information, at the perfect time, to make certain you make informed decisions.

How to Buy Your First Rolex – A Gentleman's Buying Guide

How to Buy Your First Rolex – A Gentleman's Buying Guide house can be very different from purchasing a secondhand house. You might be buying off-plan, meaning that the property might not even be constructed yet.


While purchasing with How to Buy Your First Rolex – A Gentleman's Buying Guide, you might have to put a reservation fee to your buying.

Many online store will request that you swap contracts and pay a deposit soon after buying. You need to ensure that your lender and authorized agent are conscious of the deadline and can meet it.

Many online store will have referral relationships with particular How to Buy Your First Rolex – A Gentleman's Buying Guide and authorized representatives. You’re under no duty to utilize these companies if you do not need to. More information on this is seen on the Home Owners Alliance site.

There might be additional fees connected with a How to Buy Your First Rolex – A Gentleman's Buying Guide, such as estate center fees. Ensure that your legal agent fully explains the facts of the contract so that you understand what you’re signing up for.


If your house is still being assembled, your online store may provide you a date by which your house ought to be completed. On certain occasions this date might be postponed or brought forward. Ensure to understand what’s going to occur in either situation. If the former, your mortgage provide might want to be refreshed because they generally only last for a restricted period.

A long-stop date could be written into your contract, which lets you draw from the purchase at case of long delays to the house being completed.

You need to think about agreeing at trade a snagging survey ought to be completed when the land was constructed and before conclusion.

This poll can be performed with an expert firm or completed yourself. You need to report back any problems to your programmer and request them to be dealt with until you proceed in.

Most new construct houses have a 10-year guarantee for important structural difficulties and a 2-year guarantee for general flaws, but this might not cover all of the home and any connected land. Ensure that you are clear about what is and isn’t included in the guarantee before you set down a deposit.

Prior to making an offer, know what will and will not be repaired prior to conclusion and what happens in the event that you’ve got a dispute with the builder. Ensure that you ask the programmer for all material facts regarding the house before you commit to purchasing.



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