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How to write an appeals letter


How to write an appeals letter

As worries about unemployment continue to grow and more cases of unfair dismissal continue to go to tribunal, here at your employment matters we show you that turning to a professional can save you considerably more in the long run.

The law is very strict. If you do not appeal your dismissal and win your case at the Employment Tribunals, any award you may have been entitled to can be reduced by up to 15%. Getting it wrong can have a devastating effect on the outcome of your claim.

If you are considering writing an appeals letter you should firstly be accurate and precisis. Clearly state your what you are appealing and the reason behind it.

Ensure you understand and apply the correct legal procedure for your situation

Take a formal and professional tone as this is a legal matter if taking it to an employment tribunal

It is all too easy for your emotions to cloud your judgment when writing an appeal letter, so for a small fee a professional can make sure your letter reads well with proper spelling and grammar.

Our research has found that letters written by a professional have had a much higher success rate than those written by claimants themselves.

In fact they are up to 50 per cent more likely to lead to a successful appeal.

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How to write an appeals letter

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