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Miracle Complexion Sponge Tutorial: How To Apply, Wet & Dry | Real Techniques


Miracle Complexion Sponge Tutorial: How To Apply, Wet & Dry | Real Techniques

By popular request, Sam from Pixiwoo and Real Techniques will demonstrate how to use the Miracle Complexion Sponge for wet or dry applications. This versatile tool is great for creating a glowing look with flawless coverage.

The disposable Miracle Complexion Sponge from Real Techniques ( is designed with a variety of different shapes and edges for effortless application on the contours of your nose and under your eyes, or for covering blemishes. Dampen the sponge when using liquids such as foundation and concealer. On the flat end of the sponge, apply foundation and work into the center of your face outwards, giving you a clear yet polished look without a mask-like finish. Use the pointed tip to dab concealer onto any blemishes and the flat edge for concealing under your eyes. The rounded edge can be used to apply cream blush onto the tops of your cheekbones. The Miracle Complexion Sponge also acts as a makeup eraser by using the flat edge to work your makeup further into the skin until you have the desired look. For powder foundation, make sure your sponge is dry and apply your powder to areas in which you wish to remove any shine.

For more information on Real Technique’s Miracle Complexion Sponge, visit the link above.

Miracle Complexion Sponge Tutorial: How To Apply, Wet & Dry | Real Techniques

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  1. Although she advises using the flat side for foundation, I always just go for the curve side. I bought my RT sponge (my very first beauty sponge ever) a few months back and I love it.

  2. Dear Real Techniques, hello. I was wondering if it was possible for your sponges to be sold by about 2.5 dollars. I saw it in one of the local stores in my country Arnenia, and got immediately suspicious of whether it could be the genuine one. Plus, I did not notice the letters R T on it. I am assuming it was fake, right?

  3. Disposable, hmm?

    Since practically nothing lasts forever, saying something is "disposable" is a fairly moot point. My car will eventually need to be replaced, but I sure as ish won't be calling it "disposable". A paper plate is truly disposable since one can't conceive of using it twice. You're claiming that everyday usage of these sponges will last anywhere from 1-3 months depending on the representative commenting.

    I wouldn't call that "disposable". Why do you?

  4. I clean mine with warm water then some makeup remover water pears 🍐 liquid soap work all that in until all soap etc has gone then while damp I put coconut oil in my hands and rub the sponge in it

  5. Hi. Just wanna ask why my sponge doesn't come back to it's original shape or size whenever I wash it. It's getting smaller when I squeeze it and left finger marks. Is it broken or I did something wrong? Do I need to buy new one? Thanks!

  6. what can of container can i use to store my sponge? i cant leave it on a dish soap or my cat will take it and destroy it 🙁 i found a large clear square pencil holder thats for desktops. is that okay or will it go moldy?

  7. Thankyou Katherine I've been using a brush for my mousse foundation seems to work pretty well …alot of utubers don't seem to like mousse foundations but liquid ones seem to separate on my skin! Mousse suits my skin really well I find!!

  8. You called it a disposable sponge.. why? I thought you could reuse it for up to 3 months. I just got mine by the way! Super excited! I wonder how it compares to the beauty blender! <3

  9. Hey! I know this video is very old but I need some help. I always bought the sponge from our drugstore, but I wanted to test out the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge, so I orderd it from Amazon. Today I wanted to try it out and when I cleaned it under running water and squeezed it out, it had lost its form. It looked more like a cloth then and I couldn't apply my foundation with it. It only has its original form when it is full of water. Did I do something wrong?

  10. I bought this and wasn't loving it. I used it for my concealer and it worked great for that. Then I watched this video and saw how to use it properly. It is great for foundation! I tried to use it like a beauty blender, and it is a totally different product. I love this thing!!

  11. I have just washed my sponge and when I was squeezing it out after I had finished my sponge didn't go back to its normal position, it stayed with finger marks in it. Is that normal?

  12. This sponge is my favorite of all the ones I've tried. It's softer and better shaped than the other ones. Unfortunately mine started to flake/ lose little particles from the flat side after just a few uses. Nothing major and I could still use it. I recently bought a new one, just because I prefer this sponge over the Beauty Blender. xoxo

  13. Please advise on what I'm doing wrong because my foundation looks awful no matter which way I use this sponge. When I use it damp, it just basically removes the foundation off my face and makes it hard to conceal even when doing the stippling/bouncing movement!


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