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Vlog #1 Q&A – How We Afford Van Life


Vlog #1 Q&A – How We Afford Van Life

Our first vlog ever. We answer the questions you asked on Instagram of who we are, how we met and the secrets of how we afford to travel so much.

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Vlog #1 Q&A – How We Afford Van Life is often the biggest purchase you’ll make in your life. It’s actually important you have the ideal information, at the perfect time, to make certain you make informed decisions.

Vlog #1 Q&A – How We Afford Van Life

Vlog #1 Q&A – How We Afford Van Life house can be very different from purchasing a secondhand house. You might be buying off-plan, meaning that the property might not even be constructed yet.


While purchasing with Vlog #1 Q&A – How We Afford Van Life, you might have to put a reservation fee to your buying.

Many online store will request that you swap contracts and pay a deposit soon after buying. You need to ensure that your lender and authorized agent are conscious of the deadline and can meet it.

Many online store will have referral relationships with particular Vlog #1 Q&A – How We Afford Van Life and authorized representatives. You’re under no duty to utilize these companies if you do not need to. More information on this is seen on the Home Owners Alliance site.

There might be additional fees connected with a Vlog #1 Q&A – How We Afford Van Life, such as estate center fees. Ensure that your legal agent fully explains the facts of the contract so that you understand what you’re signing up for.


If your house is still being assembled, your online store may provide you a date by which your house ought to be completed. On certain occasions this date might be postponed or brought forward. Ensure to understand what’s going to occur in either situation. If the former, your mortgage provide might want to be refreshed because they generally only last for a restricted period.

A long-stop date could be written into your contract, which lets you draw from the purchase at case of long delays to the house being completed.

You need to think about agreeing at trade a snagging survey ought to be completed when the land was constructed and before conclusion.

This poll can be performed with an expert firm or completed yourself. You need to report back any problems to your programmer and request them to be dealt with until you proceed in.

Most new construct houses have a 10-year guarantee for important structural difficulties and a 2-year guarantee for general flaws, but this might not cover all of the home and any connected land. Ensure that you are clear about what is and isn’t included in the guarantee before you set down a deposit.

Prior to making an offer, know what will and will not be repaired prior to conclusion and what happens in the event that you’ve got a dispute with the builder. Ensure that you ask the programmer for all material facts regarding the house before you commit to purchasing.



  1. All the hater comments posted here are a perfect snapshot of the tyranny of internet trollism.

    *First, click on the video to WATCH the hot girl, then BITCH that she IS hot.
    *Second, bitch about the high production values of the video; having some post-production skills OBVIOUSLY makes them d-bags. NICE people make crappy, shaky camera stuff, duh.
    *Third, state as absolute FACT that it is IMPOSSIBLE for these two "fakes" to live in their van without daddy's money, because you KNOW, oh yes, YOU KNOW.
    *Fourth, down the girl for making a statement about a cause she believes in, e.g., being vegan. Obviously, she has no right to believe in anything that you yourself don't agree with.
    *Fifth, sit your lame ass down at your keyboard in your double-wide/section-8 apartment/mom's basement and troll around looking for another victim of your snarky-ass, oh-so-clever comments.
    *Sixth, avoid accidentally catching glimpses of yourself in the mirror, because it only reminds you of how sad, mundane, and boring your pathetic little life is. Better to seek out people enjoying life and crap on them rather than getting your own life, because deep inside, you know you are rather unlikable and other people just really don't enjoy your company. Jealousy makes you ugly.

  2. I feel like everybody here is jealous of this free lifestyle and to hide that they have to convince themselves everything is fake… Of course we don't know how they live! It's just a 5min video. But the scenery and message is inspiring though, so why not just calm down

  3. Sleazy chick good for one nighters only……and a good Dude who got sucked into this pathetic life pretending that using her youthful appearance and curves is OK and Legit. Thousands of Teenage boys surely love and subscribe to this BS. No doubt in my mind you are Hating your experience while trying to earn Youtube money in this way. I would be so embarrassed to live like this and whore myself for money!

  4. Between the horrendous intro song, the scripted uncomfortable dialogue, the fact that he is way too hot for her, the absolute egocentrism of this girl and the blatant lies being spewed for views….

    It’s a no from me dawg.

  5. Look at all these miserable fucks in the comment section. We truly live in a hater society. You’re beautiful people inside and out and people will ALWAYS hate you for that because it reminds them of everything they’re not. They don’t know what it is to walk into a room and have jaws drop and people desire them and they NEVER will. Subscribed 🥰


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